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Below is all the collected information from The Practical Art World about how to put together your best portfolio, as well as how to get success when submitting your work.

Which Gallery Should I Submit To?
Before preparing your portfolio, narrow your targets by researching the field for optimum results

Art Gallery Submissions: How to Prepare and What to Send
n overview of how to get everything together and ready to send. 

What Should You Include in a Portfolio Submission (Which Artworks, How Many?)
o you include older works in your portfolio? Some answers and help here. 

Do’s and Don’t’s of Submitting Artwork to a Gallery
A concise list of tips for success when submitting

Gallery Submissions: How to Set Yourself Apart from the Crowd
hat can you do in a world with so much competition? Read on.

Approaching a Gallery: The Initial Email (an Example of What to Send)
o you’re ready to submit! Here is help writing your first correspondence. 






3 thoughts on “Portfolio + Submission Tips

  1. I’m recently entering back into submitting artwork, cv etc. to galleries. My dilema is I haven’t shown since 1997
    and feel timid about this long gap of non showing time. How should I handle it one my CV under exhibition history?

    • I’m not sure there is any proper way to address it, but I’m also not sure it’s a big deal. If galleries are interested in your artwork, that will be the most important thing they consider, not your exhibition history.
      Cheers and good luck.

  2. this is not a dilemma, dont worry about 1997, it will only create resistant to moving forward… you should see yourself as “re inventing” your (exhibiting) career and art career as of now, and you now will begin to exhibit anew. Just because you have not exhibited, doesn’t mean you were not an artist, or have not created anything, or learned anything since 1997, but since you have not exhibited since then, why worry about it? You are relaunching a career, re emerging as an artist, you have changed. forget about what you knew 18 years ago, its what you know and do now. Being an artist and exhibiting are two different things, you may have not been doing either, but it doesn’t matter of you take action in the present.

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