Street artist painting in a painting easel, Dresden - 1384

10 Weeks to improve your artistic career


This Practical Art World Bootcamp was put together to offer straight-foward, helpful, and practical artist advice. I believe you can start your “resolutions” at any time of year (not just New Years), so why not start now?

The 10 weekly projects below present different ways to positively improve as an artist. This includes artistic, educational, and career-minded advice. I hope you enjoy, and would love to hear how these projects are working positively for you.

Week 1: Contact Artists you Admire
Networking is important! This week is about making connections. 

Week 2: View Art in Person
Jpgs are great, but there’s nothing quite like the real thing.

Week 3: Create a Structured Project
Building art habits can lead to great things. 

Week 4: Take Advantage of your Resources
With so many free resources available, emerging and professional artists alike will benefit.

Week 5: Fine-tune an Artistic Target
Make sure your hard work is paying off!

Week 6: Get your Paperwork in Order
A must-read and must-do for every aspiring and professional artist. 

Week 7: Seek out and Learn from Critical Feedback
Remember, don’t take it personally.

Week 8: Take a Class
You can be a student at any age.

Week 9: Exhibit Your Work
No excuses: share what you’ve been working on!

Week 10: Connect with your Community
One of the greatest assets we have as working artists is each other


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