flower1. I will take advantage of feedback from others, but above all I will trust my own judgement.

2. I will set aside time each day to make art or think about art. The amount of time is not important.

3. I will set concrete goals for myself, and then take the steps to reach them, even though it will be difficult and scary.

4. I will write down a list of things I have avoided doing (example: showing artwork in public, calling a gallery to see if they are accepting submissions.) I will do these things.

5. I will not be self-deprecating when speaking about my art. While I can recognize a need for improvement, I will also honor the labor and vision of my art.

Image: Igor Novosel

5 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions for the Artist

  1. All these ideas could be great but the most important factor is the market itself which in many cases the artist can do nothing regarding its problems. The artist may be able to keep making art, but he cannot control what shall happen next if the market does not help him.

  2. Thank you for these very positive suggestions. I really believe that what I focus my intention upon is what takes place! So I try to keep it very positive! Last year I visualized more Linked in members- my network has grown from 1700 to 2680 members this year! I wanted to exhibit internationally and in the last 2 years I have been in over twenty international group exhibitions. This year I intend to sell many paintings – and in April I am traveling to Italy to paint – a lifelong dream coming true. Let’s keep our cups half full not half empty! And keep foremost in our minds and heart what we truly intend to do – our highest purpose!

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