Week 8: Take a class

Whether you are a self-taught artist or have earned a degree in the field, there are countless benefits to enrolling yourself in an art class. There is obviously the distinct possibility that you will learn new skills or methods of working, but there are other benefits to being in a classroom setting, such as:

1. It forces you to work. Expectations and deadlines are great motivators, and taking a class is an excellent way to make your art practice a regular part of your day.

2. You meet other artists. Art can be a solitary endeavor. When you enroll in a class, you will have the opportunity to meet like-minded people and perhaps even collaborate with them. Taking a class also usually gives you an intimate view of how other artists work, which is invaluable information to you as a practicing artist.

3. You discuss your work. If you are lucky, you have lots of people in your life who are regularly willing to discuss your work with you. If not, an art class is an excellent way to engage in discussions about your work. Answering questions about your ideas, working methods, and philosophies can help you solidify your own artistic practice and fine-tune your approach to art.

Week 8 project: Enroll in a class that works for you! In most places, there are numerous options for art classes from private studio workshops to university programs. I have listed below a few options in and around Vancouver, including options for single drop in classes (Basic Inquiry).

Emily Carr University of Art & Design (Vancouver)

The Federation of Canadian Artists (Vancouver)

Nicole Sleeth Fine Art (Vancouver)

Basic Inquiry Life Drawing Society (Vancouver)

The Art Way (Vancouver)

Place des arts (Coquitlam)

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3 thoughts on “10 Weeks to Improve your Artistic Career – Week 8

  1. I have just started to read each post and agree so far with you that there are many great reasons to continue learning about art and techniques. I also believe some people take too many workshops andit would seen that it would be a more self-improvement idea for them to spend that time working on their own art. Thanks for the energizing post.

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