Week 7: Seek out and learn from critical feedback

“The crit.” Are there any more cringe-worthy words for an art student or artist? Though their aim is to help, critiques of artwork have gained a terrible reputation.

Art can be deeply personal, which is why having it critiqued can be very difficult. Many artists just want to hear that their work is good, that what they are doing is validated. But when you think about it, what helps you to grow, improve, and push yourself more: simple praise or thoughtful criticism?

If you aren’t familiar with the typical format of an art critique, you can read an overview here. This describes the “formal” techniques of critiquing artwork, which one doesn’t not neccessarily have to follow. But it’s a good starting point and includes important aspects to think about.

Regardless of the format your artwork is critiqued in, the keys to getting the most out of critiques and assessments of your work are these:

1. Though your work is personal, remember that a critique is not a personal attack.

2. Try to see your work from the perspective of others who are critiquing you. Try to be objective.

3. Take what advice and guidance you think it useful for you from your critiques and leave the rest. It is your work after all!

Week 7 project: Seek out and learn from critical feedback! You could organize a critique with fellow artists, ask art professionals for their opinions, or share your work online. A good online critique forum for formal aesthetic critique can be found on WetCanvas.

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Image: Jeremy Bank, jeremybank.com

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