Week 3: create a structured project

One of the best ways to get yourself thinking and working creatively is to do it regularly and frequently, and soon it becomes second-nature.

It can often be difficult to set aside time for creative endeavours, or to become motivated to work on things. A fantastic and simple way to overcome these deterrents is to create structured, time-based creative project for yourself.

In setting up a structured project, you have many different options. The key is to create a project where you’ve already set up specific parameters for what you are going to work on, and also one that it requires you to work regularly. Some examples of a time-based, structured creative project are:

  • Take one self-portrait photograph each day for a month
  •  Draw one building each day for 2 weeks
  • Write one full page each day in your journal, regardless of content
  • Post one item to your blog each day, (photo, drawing, thought, etc)

In setting up a system for yourself, your creative output on a day-to-day basis requires less planning and results in more doing. Having to work within your set up parameters will almost always lead to unexpected results, as you will be working in ways that are different from your regular practice.

As inspiration for your project, here are some time-based artist projects that I have discovered. Of course, you don’t need to publicize your project, but here are some examples online:

One Whole Year of Getting Up at the Crack of Dawn by Jessica

100 Little Portraits by Christine Montague

100 Portraits in 20 Weeks by Scott Hamilton

Onesee by Jessica Bell

100 Logos in 100 Days by Robert Butkovic

Project for the week: start a time-based structured project for yourself. You can set the parameters however you like to suit your schedule. Even if you only have 5 minutes per day, that’s all you need!

If anyone wants to post ideas for projects or share what they are working on, please leave a comment. Have fun!

Want to start the 10 week project from the beginning? Here are the previous two projects:

Week 1
Week 2 

Image: Karl Mooney, http://www.dnadublin.com

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