WEEK 1: Contact Artists you Admire

Many people will tell you that networking is important. It is, of course! Is it easy to walk upto a stranger at an art opening to introduce yourself? Not really. (Not for me, anyway). But this isn’t the only way to start a dialogue with someone. Now that most artists have their own websites, it’s usually quite easy to contact them either through email or by commenting on their blog or website.

Several good things could come from contacting artists you admire. You could ask them questions about their process, career, or experiences and learn about how they work or how they’ve succeeded. You could even just write them a note saying you admire their work. Who knows, maybe they will ask you about yours? Either way, starting up a dialogue with other artists (especially those who you admire) is an excellent way to develop your own artistic practice.

Project for the week: Send out messages to 5 artists you admire. Ask them questions, comment on their work, and of course be polite and respectful. See where it leads!

Photo by Margarit Ralev,  Margarit.Ralev.Com

8 thoughts on “10 Ways to Improve your Artistic Career – Week 1

  1. Improve,
    for me it would be more like begin, start!
    It is something I’ll try though, it sounds interesting and there’s nothing to lose.
    I really enjoy talking to other artists, it is always good for ideas (as somehow it always ends up with some sort of a brainstorming). I just started working my way through the field of visual arts and I love it.
    Thanks for the idea!

    ps. if anyone wants to check out my work, I have just started a blog. Not much is posted yet but I’ll be posting daily for a while I think!

  2. Thank you for this very usefull info. Im looking for ways to get in the artist community for a long time now. Its great to know there are good people out there that care for artists that can’t afford or have the reasources locally to be educated in the fine arts! Thank you from Puerto Rico.

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