Happy summer everyone! My deepest apologies for the lack of new content on the site recently… I’m going to blame it on the sunshine and swimming. I am currently working on several new topics for posts, as well as a project involving artists which I am very excited about. In the meantime, I offer you a list of excellent art websites run by people who DO update their content regularly. Happy art making!

PS: you can always suggest topics for new posts by emailing me, or by leaving a comment below.

Joanne Mattera Art Blog

Joanne’s blog is a well rounded read that is useful to artists and fans of art alike. She writes excellent reviews of art shows (which include images), as well writes a practical art advice in a series called Marketing Mondays.

Alyson B. Stanfield’s Art Biz Blog

The Art Biz Blog offers concise, focused, useful advice to artists in the departments of creativity as well as business, marketing, and self-promotion.

Artsy Shark

Artsy Shark has a huge library of posts for artists on topics such as art licensing, inspiration, networking, websites, and more. The author Carolyn Edlund consistently delivers relevant advice for emerging artists.

Chris Tyrell’s Art Marketing Blog

Chris Tyrell writes a very engaging and unique blog about self-marketing, copyright issues, pricing, and much more. All the posts are informative but also great to read because of his unique style.

Am I missing any fantastic art resource blogs here? Feel free to share links and tell us why they are great!

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