The Canada Council Art Bank is the largest contemporary art collection in the country. Each year, their purchase program accepts submissions from Canadian artists. The collection, made up of over 18,000 works, is rented out to corporations, institutions, government departments and agencies for display in their offices. Though quite competitive, the Art Bank holds open submissions for potential purchase. The main guidelines are that you must be a Canadian artist who:

  • has specialized training in the field (not necessarily in academic institutions)
  • is recognized as such by his or her peers through a history of public presentation of work in a professional context (artists working in the same artistic tradition)

source: Canada Council Art Bank Website

Along with your Art Bank application, you need to submit an artist CV. To read my post “How to Write an Artist’s CV in 10 Steps”, visit here.

Remember, the submission deadline is April 15th. Good luck!

(Image source here)

2 thoughts on “Upcoming deadline: the Canada Council Art Bank Purchase Program

  1. Unable to visit the Art Bank website, collection and a list of works, nor the virtual tour. Wanting a submission form for the purchase program, unable to find it on any site to download and fill out!

  2. Hi Anne, this post is more than a year old. Apparently the Art Bank has changed their website so I have updated the link. It also appears that they do not have a current application deadline, but you can check back to their purchase program information page for updates: http://www.artbank.ca/en/The%20Collection/Purchase%20Program%20Information.aspx. You can also contact the program administrator to inquire directly: suzanne.wolfe@canadacouncil.ca.

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