Twitter is an excellent way to keep up with art news and events. Below are a short selection of Twitter users in Vancouver and Canada who regularly post quality, informative arts-related content.

The Alliance for Arts and Culture is a Vancouver organization offering free information about arts funding, exhibition opportunities, jobs, finance, and more. Tweets local arts news, issues, and announcements.

Vancouver’s grassroots-turned-blockbuster Cheaper Show is an annual one-night exhibition showcasing local and international artists, all work sold at a uniform and affordable price. The Cheaper Show tweets news and press surrounding the show as well as other local arts exhibition info and events.

Theartmarket.ca publishes information about Canadian artists, auction houses, galleries, events, and more. Tweets link to information on exhibition openings across Canada as well as auction and market news of interest.

Stop BC Arts Cuts is a website devoted to rallying for funding for British Columbia’s cultural sector. Tweets about arts-funding news and events.

@Cdn_Art_Fdn / @cdnartmagazine
The Canadian Art Foundation publishes Canadian Art Magazine, an original and influential visual art magazine in Canada. Tweets about art events and news.

Please feel free to leave other quality arts-related Twitter users you have discovered in the comments below.

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