10 Ways to Improve your Artistic Career – Week 3

Week 3: create a structured project

One of the best ways to get yourself thinking and working creatively is to do it regularly and frequently, and soon it becomes second-nature.

It can often be difficult to set aside time for creative endeavours, or to become motivated to work on things. A fantastic and simple way to overcome these deterrents is to create structured, time-based creative project for yourself.

In setting up a structured project, you have many different options. The key is to create a project where you’ve already set up specific parameters for what you are going to work on, and also one that it requires you to work regularly. Some examples of a time-based, structured creative project are: Continue reading

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10 Ways to Improve your Artistic Career – Week 2

Visitors experience Olafur Eliasson’s “The Weather Project” at the Tate Modern

WEEK 2: View art in person

These days, much art viewing occurs online. This makes sense in one way– the internet offers potentially global reach to virtually every artist. You can Google “Gerhard Richter” and see almost his entire catalogue instantly.

Despite this wide accessibility and the fact that the internet is an incredible tool for artists, Continue reading

10 Ways to Improve your Artistic Career – Week 1

WEEK 1: Contact Artists you Admire

Many people will tell you that networking is important. It is, of course! Is it easy to walk upto a stranger at an art opening to introduce yourself? Not really. (Not for me, anyway). But this isn’t the only way to start a dialogue with someone. Now that most artists have their own websites, it’s usually quite easy to contact them either through email or by commenting on their blog or website.

Several good things could come from contacting artists you admire. Continue reading